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Creating AI experiences for top performers worldwide

Human-like AI approaches

Custom AI solutions.
Hyper-personalized interactions.

Our partners don’t just play the AI game—they win.

AI solutions trained on your data

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White-label to match your unique brand

Build human experiences with live agents

Powered by the latest large language models (LLMs)

AI customization for a flawless look and feel

Improve AI interactions with sentiment analysis

Engage proactively with advanced insights

Expand customer base with multilingual AI

Power your lead-gen with AI solutions

Integrate and scale your business further

Enhance collaboration with team management feature

Share your AI solution to the world

Audio controls that make you feel 10x faster

Build on Dante AI's API for flexibility

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Ultimate AI experiences

AI products built for you. To meet all your needs.

From free AI chatbots to advanced solutions, Dante AI delivers the best in AI technology for all your needs.

"I love how passionate Dante's AI team is about enhancing AI experiences with their product updates, so we were able to increase our customer base without effort!"

Lenka Radomirovic

Co-founder, Nube Agency LLC

"Thanks to Dante AI, we developed an AI-powered video recommendation tool. We're really impressed by their commitment to the quality of craft. Highly recommended!

Greg Healy

Advisory Board Member and Head, Reveal TV

"Dante AI's advanced technology provides deep insights and has streamlined my workflow, allowing me to focus on creating impactful content for my clients."

Alison Yuen

Copywriter & Creator, Alison Copywriting

"Dante AI's responsiveness to technical inquiries has been outstanding, offering personalized assistance that enhances the overall user experience."

Rick Kempf

AI coordinator, MountainBrook Village Homeowners Association Gold Canyon Arizona

Unbeatable AI services

One AI partner.
Endless possibilities.

Future-proof AI solutions

Unseen AI journeys.
As great as their results.

Discover the potential of trustworthy AI experiences and achieve the results your competitors dream about.

30%Increase in monthly subscriptions at Nube.

Lenka Radomirovic
Co-founder, Nube Agency LLC

88%Increased client retention rate at Reveal TV.

Greg Healy
Advisory Board Member and Head, Reveal TV

45% Increase in client engagement at Alison Copywriting.

Alison Yuen
Copywriter & Creator, Alison Copywriting

Live support agent

AI-Powered customer support.
With a human touch.

Experience the power of our live agent takeover. Take control when it matters to deeper customer relationships and accelerate top line support.

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AI journeys simplified

Build AI-first experiences.
In four seamless steps.

Dante AI makes AI development seamless. No code needed.

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Build a free AI chatbot
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Create your AI chatbot trained on your data

Create highly customized AI chatbots effortlessly using scalable AI technology without any coding skills. Upload multiple files, add URLs, and train an AI chatbot on your data.

How to create and train
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Add personality to align with your brand

Use our AI chatbot builder to elevate user experience to the highest level. Customize your AI chatbot and provide personalized AI experiences tailored to your needs.

How to style and stay on-brand
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Power up your ultimate AI solution

Unlock additional security, more leads and in-depth analytics with our AI-driven lead gen solution. Integrate AI-powered chatbots with other applications that provide high value to your business's overall performance.

How to integrate and scale
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Share your AI chatbot in 60 seconds

Easily share your custom AI chatbot with a few clicks. Select the AI chatbot, choose the sharing method, and embed it into your website or share a direct link. Connect your AI chatbot with popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, MS Teams, Slack and more.

How to connect and share

AI knowledge hub

Extensive AI support. Stay on top of AI trends.

Whether you need to explore the fundamentals of AI, access robust documentation or the latest news, the Dante AI learning hub has you covered.

AI integrations made easy

Integration-friendly. Level up wtih Dante AI.

Our AI platform seamlessly connects with 6,000+ other applications to help you improve productivity, enhance leads and grow your business with ease.

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Get a free AI chatbot now. Upgrade it later.

Your questions.
Our answers.

What is Dante AI?

Dante AI is an AI chatbot builder - trained on your data - that creates personalized AI experiences. With Dante AI you can easily upload most types of files or share a website link, images and videos, and our platform will generate intelligent AI chatbots capable of providing deep insights related to your content.

Where is my data stored?

At Dante AI we prioritize the security of your data, which is why we only store the content on secure and encrypted AWS servers. We cannot read or access your documents.

What should my data look like?

You have the flexibility to upload multiple file types, paste text, insert a URL or use videos and images to create a unique AI chatbot.

Can I give Dante AI instructions?

Yes, you can customize the base prompt, give your AI chatbot a name, add personality traits, and even set instructions for answering questions in a fun and creative way.

How can I add Dante AI to my website?

Simply train your custom AI model and choose whether you want to embed an iframe or add a chat bubble to the bottom right of your website.

How many users can use my AI chatbot?

Anyone with the link will be able to interact with your AI chatbot.