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"I love how passionate Dante's AI team is about enhancing AI experiences with their product updates, so we were able to increase our customer base without effort!"

Lenka Radomirovic

Co-founder, Nube Agency LLC

"Thanks to Dante AI, we developed an AI-powered video recommendation tool. We're really impressed by their commitment to the quality of craft. Highly recommended!

Greg Healy

Advisory Board Member and Head, Reveal TV

"Dante AI's advanced technology provides deep insights and has streamlined my workflow, allowing me to focus on creating impactful content for my clients."

Alison Yuen

Copywriter & Creator, Alison Copywriting

"Dante AI's responsiveness to technical inquiries has been outstanding, offering personalized assistance that enhances the overall user experience."

Rick Kempf

AI coordinator, MountainBrook Village Homeowners Association Gold Canyon Arizona

Dante AI pricing

Discover all our plans.
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Whether you're looking to kickstart your growth with our free plan or unlock the full potential of complete AI solutions, you can begin for free today and upgrade when you feel ready.

Number of avatars
Limit on the number of custom avatars allowed per plan.
for $29/month
Change voice
Change your avatar's voice with ease.
Limited - Unlock
for $29/month
Change clothing + hair
Update your avatar's look with new clothing and hairstyles.
Limited - Unlock
for $29/month
Custom background
Set a unique backdrop for your avatar.
for $29/month
Basics and Limits
Language Models (LLMs) in AI chatbots help them understand and generate responses that sound more like humans. By leveraging LLMs, chatbots ensure responses are contextually relevant.
GPT-3.5 Turbo
Full suite of LLMs
Full suite of LLMs
Message credits
Limit on the number of characters your dataset can include.
$0.5 message credits/month
$20 message credits/month
$100 message credits/month
$300 message credits/month
AI chatbots
The number of allowed AI chatbots you can create.
AI chatbot memory size (characters)
Limit on the number of AI chatbot memory size.
Train on your data (PDF, Url, YouTube, Google Drive)
Upload various files and websites to create an AI chatbot trained on your data with zero code.
Multi format file support
The variety of files an AI chatbot builder can support.
Share on unlimited websites
Implement your AI chatbot to unlimited websites.
Voice input
Switch from an ordinary AI chat to voice.
Save conversations
Access and save all the versions of your AI chatbot conversations.
Custom domains
Limit on the number of custom domains you can host your AI chatbots.
Use your own OpenAI API key
Connect your OpenAI API Key to bring more human-like conversational experiences.
Style and train
Style your chatbot
Customize the look of your AI chatbot in the way you want.
Custom CSS
Customize the look of your AI chatbot with custom CSS.
Custom chatbot personality
Customize the AI chatbot’s appearance to align with your brand.
Personality templates
Style your AI chatbot with highly-customized templates.
Remove "Powered by Dante AI"
Remove "Powered by Dante" and attach desired branding.
Direct link
Share your AI chatbot with a direct link.
AI chatbot bubble embed
Embed your AI chatbots directly on a webpage or as a pop-up window.
iFrame embed
Integrate an AI chatbot directly into a website or application using an iFrame element.
Public share link
Share a public link to your AI chatbots with your visitors.
Private share link
Share a private link to your AI chatbots with your visitors.
Embed widget
Integrate an AI chatbot directly into a website or application through a customizable widget.
Live chat widget
Connect your AI chatbot with Live Chat to combine AI efficiency and human touch in customer service.
Target and Scale
Multi-language support (100+ languages)
Choose from our various languages and deliver customer experiences worldwide.
Analytics dashboard
Monitor Dante’s live chat performance to target leads with ease.
Unanswered question recognition
Automatically flags unanswered questions in chat logs, allowing users to update the knowledge base.
Memory auto-refresh
Refresh data on specific intervals (e.g. you can set the AI chatbot to refresh daily at 2AM, and at 2AM it will go to the URLS and re-fetch the latest data, ensuring that old, irrelevant information doesn’t affect new conversations).
Chat logs
All your conversations stored in one place. Easily retrieve any interaction for future reference, ensuring you can review past communications.
AI lead generation
Collect contact information to capture more leads from your AI chatbot.
Team management
Control who has full access and invite your teammates to your AI chatbot.
Show sources
Show sources will “show” which part of the knowledge base the answer has come from, such as a PDF or URL.
Live agent takeover
Chats are transferred from a bot to a human agent.
Number of live agents
Limit on the number of human agents allowed per plan.
Number of live agent requests
Limits on how many times in total per month the users can click "Talk to live agent."
Power up
Google Drive integration
Connect your AI chatbot to Google Drive to enhance your team's productivity.
6,000+ Zapier integrations
Connect your AI chatbot to over 6000 Zapier integrations.
WhatsApp integration
Connect your AI chatbot to your Whatsapp account to open up new communication channels.
Slack integration
Connect your AI chatbot to Slack account and improve your work operations.
WordPress integration
Connect your AI chatbot to WordPress site and scale further.
Wix integration
Connect your AI chatbot to the Wix site and boost business success.
MS Teams integration
Connect your AI chatbot to MS Teams and manage team projects better.
API integration
Build custom integrations and automate workflows with Dante AI’s API.
Calendly integration
Connect your AI chatbot to Calendly and build new customer relationships.
Custom integrations
We will build custom integrations for you so you can free yourself from complex tasks.
Intercom integration
Power up your AI service and connect your AI chatbots with Intercom.
Email support
Drop us a line at [email protected] to access our email support.
Discord support
Allows AI chatbots to engage directly with Discord communities.
Dedicated account manager
Our account manager will help you set up your AI chatbot.
API setup support
Control the chat’s behaviour with API setup support.
Video call support
Feel free to give us a call, and we'll be ready to assist you.
Prioritized engineering support
Our AI experts will prioritize your engineering support inquiries.
Tailored onboarding
Your dedicated Dante’s AI support whenever you need it.
Prompt engineering assistance
Our AI experts will give you prompt engineering support.
GDPR compliant
Secured data infrastructure that is GDPR-compliant.
256-Bit AES-encryption
Secure 256-Bit AES-Encryption for all those who connect with your AI chatbots.
Set maximum credit limit
Control the maximum amount of credits allocated to a user account.
Set response limit
Control the frequency of responses generated by your AI chatbot.
Conversation rate limiting
Limits on the number of messages or requests a user can send to the AI chatbot.
AI chatbot password protection
Secure your conversations with Dante’s password-protected AI chatbot.
2FA (coming soon)
Users can set two-factor-authentication (where on login, besides passwords, it asks you for a two-factor as well - e.g. from Google authenticator)
Uptime SLA guarentee (SLA)
Maintain the highest level of service availability.
GPT-3.5 Turbo
GPT-3.5 Turbo 16k
GPT-4 Turbo
GPT-4 Turbo 128k
Claude 3 Opus
Claude 3 Opus 32k
Claude 3 Opus 128k
Claude 3 Opus 200k
Claude 3 Sonnet
Claude 3 Haiku
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Dante AI add-ons

Build more.
With Dante AI add-ons.

Scale your business, maximize performance, and gain a competitive edge with our AI-growth service. Try our AI chatbot pricing models enhanced with add-ons.

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Extra AI chatbots

$5 per 1 AI chatbot/month.
extra AI chatbots
+ $5/month

Extra Message Credits

$10 per 1000 message credits/month.
extra message credits
+ $10/month

Custom Domains

Replace the dante-ai.com URL in your share links. i.e. 'chat.yourcompany.com'.
extra custom domains
+ $5/month

Remove 'Powered by Dante AI'

Remove the Dante AI branding from your shared chatbots.
+ $29/month

Chat Records

Retrieve the complete chat history from your external AI chatbots.
+ $49/month

Creating AI experiences for top performers worldwide

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Your questions.
Our answers.

Which AI chatbot pricing model is for me?

If you want to test the Dante AI service, use a free AI chatbot.

On the other hand, the Entry pricing package is best for individuals and businesses who want to experience our AI power features.

The Premium package is best for growth-stage businesses looking for full white-labeled AI experiences. And mature businesses and agencies hungry for exponential growth should go for the Ultra package.

What's the cost to send a message per LLM?

Each message you send using our large language models (LLMs) is charged based on a dollar amount. Below is a table that shows the pricing for each model, helping you choose the best option for your needs and budget.

LLM $ per response
GPT-3.5 $0.005
GPT-3.5 Turbo 16k $0.02
GPT-4o $0.04
GPT-4 $0.16
GPT-4 Turbo $0.08
GPT-4o 128k $0.57
GPT-4 Turbo 128k $1.14
Cohere $0.01
Claude 3 Opus $0.24
Claude 3 Opus 32k $0.63
Claude 3 Opus 128k $2.10
Claude 3 Opus 200k $3.30
Claude 3 Sonnet $0.10
Can I top-up my credits?

Yes, just click the “Credits“ button in the sidebar and you will be able to add more credits to your account.

Are there any hidden charges associated with your AI chatbots?

No, we will never impose additional costs on you. Maintaining transparency and upholding our work ethics is important to us. You can confidently manage AI chatbot costs and avoid going over budget.