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Discord integration

Updated on
June 17, 2024

Step 1: Set Up Your Trigger on Zapier

  1. Log into Zapier
  2. Create a New Zap by clicking ‘+ Create’ and select ‘Zaps’
    • On the Zapier AI View, describe the Zap you would like to create, e.g ‘Add a prompt in Dante AI when a new message is posted to channel in Discord’
    • On the Zapier Classic View, select the two apps you want to connect (Discord and Dante AI) and decide your trigger events (New message posted to channel/Add a Prompt’). Select ‘Try it’.
  3. Connect the Discord account where you want Dante AI to be integrated.
  4. Choose the specific Discord channel to be integrated.
  5. Select if you want this action triggered for bot messages.
  6. Click ‘Test Trigger’ to ensure it’s working. Click ‘Next’
  7. Then choose the Dante AI account you would like to link to or connect to a new account.
  8. Enter the name of the Dante AI chatbot that’s relevant to your Discord channel.
  9. For the ‘prompt’, select ‘Text’
  10. Select the GPT model type
  11. Select ‘Continue’ to test your integration.

Step 2: Finalize Integration

  1. Add a Final Step by adding another action under your first two actions, and pick ‘Discord’ again.
  2. Choose ‘Send Channel Message’ as the action event.
  3. Under ‘Action’ choose the channel you want the messages to be posted on.
  4. Choose the message text
  5. Decide if you want the message to come from a bot, or look like it came directly from you.
  6. Give your bot a name.
  7. Adjust additional settings as per your preference and needs.
  8. Click ‘Continue’ and test this final step.
  9. Check your Discord channel to ensure that the test message is posted. If you see it, everything is set.
  10. If all checks out, hit publish, and your integration is complete.
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