Dante AI Achieves GDPR Compliance

Elevate performance with powerful AI features.

Boost success with Dante AI's solutions that influence +1000% growth in engagement. Refocus on other value-based tasks while we handle your essential AI operations.

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Creating AI experiences for top performers worldwide


Hyper-personalized AI experiences.

Our relentless pursuit of innovation pushes toward more meaningful experiences.

AI solutions trained on your data

Generate an AI-powered experience trained on your data - and only your data - drastically reducing hallucinations and ensuring a positive impact across your business.

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Introducing Dante AI's custom avatars

Supercharge your workflow and choose a zero-code AI platform that profoundly impacts your business. Create a hyper-realistic AI avatar that mimics your speech and improves real-time engagement.

Powered by the latest LLMs

Redefine how the world engages with your brand by selecting the most suitable large language models (LLMs) that understand unpredictable questions and deliver unmistakable answers.

White-label to match your unique brand

Get full control over the look, feel, and personality of your branded AI solutions. Offer the hyper-personalized AI solution to your clients and meet the power of reselling your completely customized AI products.

AI customization for flawless look and feel

Style your unique AI chatbot's look and feel with custom elements. Change colors, fonts, and scale with our customizable AI solutions by providing more relevant AI interactions.


Advanced AI features that scale and convert.

Reliable lead generation is difficult. Our future-proof AI services automate it with unmatched efficiency.

Improve AI interactions with sentiment analysis

AI chatbot automation goes beyond handling repetitive tasks. It can also gauge emotions. Dante AI's proprietary unanswered question recognition engine ensures your audience receives the knowledge they need when it's needed the most.

Engage proactively with advanced insights

Access all your AI conversations with our chat records feature to gain deep insights into your audience's needs. Segment customers, analyze behavior, collect user data, and track AI chat performance in real-time.

Build human experiences with live agents

Our human agent transforms AI-powered conversations by resolving bespoke requests faster. Live agents handle 30% of intricate queries, while our custom AI chatbot reduces simple customer support queries by up to 70%.

Expand customer base with multilingual AI

Reach a broader audience and cater to a diverse customer base through our multilingual AI services. With over 100 languages supported, we help you engage with your audience, wherever in the world they are.

Power your lead-gen with AI solutions

Score more leads with an AI-powered chatbot solution. Dante AI allows you to add customizable forms to your custom AI chatbot, influencing +1000% growth in your customer interactions and operational efficiency.

Power up

Unlimited AI for unlimited success.

Dante AI evolves and scales with your needs, continuously powering advanced AI experiences to deliver unmatched engagement and satisfaction.

Integrate and scale your business further

Dante AI is integration-friendly, meaning that you can boost higher productivity and speed up your workflows by connecting over 6,000 applications via Zapier.

A powerful way to boost your team collaboration

Control and easily add team members to your AI account. Assign different roles and decide who has full control. Streamline your workflow and empower your team with our intuitive AI platform.

Share your AI solution to the world

Choose between multiple options to share your custom AI chatbot with the world and easily interact with it.

Audio controls that make you feel 10x faster

AI voice chat online is 10x faster and leads to higher engagement. Talk to AI rather than type, and listen to the responses as voice.

Build on Dante AI's API for flexibility

Enhance the robustness of Dante AI's API to provide even greater control. Embed Dante AI’s power directly into your products in no time.

Safety & privacy

AI services for high-security needs.

Protect your data privacy with Dante AI’s secured environment and avoid security risks.

Advanced security for maximum control

Advanced security combines maximum credit limit controls, response frequency management, message/request rate limiting, and password protection to ensure controlled interactions with Dante AI's solutions.

GDPR compliant to safeguard your privacy

We provide secure chat support services with a GDPR-compliant data infrastructure. Have confidence in utilizing our cutting-edge AI chatbot platform.

256-Bit AES-encryption to secure sensitive data

We enhance data security with AES-256 encryption, ensuring your data is protected at rest, while OAuth2 provides a secure and reliable method for API authentication, maintaining the highest security standard.

Ultimate AI experiences

AI solutions built for you. To meet all your needs.

From free AI chatbots to advanced solutions, Dante AI delivers the best in AI technology for all your needs.

"I love how passionate Dante's AI team is about enhancing AI experiences with their product updates, so we were able to increase our customer base without effort!"

Lenka Radomirovic

Co-founder, Nube Agency LLC

"Thanks to Dante AI, we developed an AI-powered video recommendation tool. We're really impressed by their commitment to the quality of craft. Highly recommended!

Greg Healy

Advisory Board Member and Head, Reveal TV

"Dante AI's advanced technology provides deep insights and has streamlined my workflow, allowing me to focus on creating impactful content for my clients."

Alison Yuen

Copywriter & Creator, Alison Copywriting

"Dante AI's responsiveness to technical inquiries has been outstanding, offering personalized assistance that enhances the overall user experience."

Rick Kempf

AI coordinator, MountainBrook Village Homeowners Association Gold Canyon Arizona

Your questions.
Our answers.

How to make an AI chatbot?

To create a new AI chatbot to Dante AI, you need to click on the "Create an AI Chatbot" button and enter the name of your AI chatbot. Then, click "Next" to proceed. It's that simple.

Does Dante AI chatbot for customer service support all languages?

Dante's AI is language-friendly, with support for 100+ languages. Even if the original document is in a different language, Dante AI can detect the language of the question being asked and respond appropriately. With Dante AI, your website will become a hub of endless AI conversations no matter where your visitors are coming from.

Can I integrate AI chatbots with other platforms?

Dante's powerful API allows you to communicate with your custom AI model from anywhere, giving you ultimate flexibility. Dante AI also integrates with Zapier, allowing a connection to over 6,000+ applications.

How to embed an AI chatbot?

Simply choose whether you want to embed an iframe or add a chat bubble to the bottom right of your website. For an AI chatbot bubble you will be shown an embeddable link, which you can insert into the <header> section of your website. Your AI chatbot will then appear as a chat bubble.

If you want to embed your AI chatbot directly onto your own website, use the AI chatbot iframe (embed) option. You can choose to get the direct link, where you are provided with a unique URL that can be accessed by anyone, including those who are not using Dante AI. If you wish to share your AI chatbot on social media, click the relevant icon at the bottom of the pop-up.

What counts as one AI chatbot?

One AI chatbot refers to a knowledge base containing specific data and can answer any question regarding this data.

Even if this knowledge base is constructed from multiple documents or sources, as long as it functions as a unified system capable of addressing inquiries on a particular subject matter, it can be considered as one AI chatbot.

What does the “show sources” feature mean?

Show sources will actually “show” the origin of the information, such as a PDF or URL (i.e. which part of the knowledge base the answer has come from).

The unanswered question recognition system automatically flags unanswered questions in chat logs, allowing users to update the knowledge base.

What are the latest Dante AI’s chatbot features?

The latest AI Dante features include a Custom Avatar and Team management. A custom AI avatar is designed to simulate human-like behavior with real-time expression and movement and exceed AI experiences.

Another big update is the Team management feature, which allows users to add team members to their accounts.

How can I benefit from your white-label feature?

Simply style and brand your AI chatbot through our white-label feature and sell it to your clients. Easily scale more clients and boost profit.