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June 5, 2024

FAQ - Handling Unanswered Questions: Best Practices and Strategies

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At Dante AI, one of the most frequently asked questions we encounter from our customers is: "How can I handle questions that are not in the knowledge base?".

Addressing this issue is crucial for maintaining a seamless user experience and improving the effectiveness of your AI chatbot. In this blog post, we will explore the best practices and strategies for handling unanswered questions, ensuring your chatbot remains a valuable resource for your users.

Identifying Unanswered Questions

The first step in addressing unanswered questions is to identify them. Regularly reviewing chat logs and transcripts from your AI chatbot is essential. By examining these interactions, you can spot questions that were not adequately answered or were entirely missed. This process helps in pinpointing the areas where your chatbot's knowledge base might be lacking.

You can export and identify your unanswered questions by going to your dashboard and following these 3 simple steps:

1. Go to the ‘Chat Records' tab in your dashboard.

2. Choose the time period in which you would like to identify unanswered questions. Then press ‘Export’.

3. Next, select only ‘Unanswered Questions’; choose your file type (TXT or CSV); and press ‘Export’.

Conversations that have had unanswered questions will also be flagged on the 'Chat Records' section like so:

Exporting and Answering Unanswered Questions

Once you've identified the unanswered questions, the next step is to export this list from your chatbot's backend or analytics platform. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to manage these questions:

1. Export the List: Use your chatbot's analytics tools to generate a list of unanswered questions.

2. Manual Review: Manually review each question, or collaborate with subject matter experts, to provide accurate and comprehensive responses.

3. Document the Answers: Create a document with all the answered questions.

4. Re-upload to the System: Upload this document back into your AI chatbot system.

5. Retrain the AI: Trigger the retraining process to ensure the chatbot incorporates the new information and can respond to those questions in the future.

By following these steps, you ensure that your chatbot becomes more knowledgeable and capable of handling a broader range of user inquiries.

You can re-upload your document back into the Dante AI chatbot system by going to your dashboard and following these 2 simple steps:

How to re-upload your document back into the Dante AI chatbot system:

1. Go to your ‘Chatbot Selection' settings on the dashboard.

2. Press ‘+ Add content' and select your file containing all the answers.

Enhancing AI Chatbot Content to Address Unanswered Questions

To prevent the recurrence of unanswered questions, it's important to enhance your AI chatbot's content continuously. Here are some strategies to achieve this:

1. Analyze Content Gaps: Regularly analyze the unanswered questions to identify gaps in your chatbot's knowledge base.

2. Add Detailed Content: Create and add detailed content, FAQs, and knowledge articles that directly address these questions.

3. Use Structured Data and Keywords: Employ structured data and relevant keywords to help the AI understand and retrieve the appropriate information effectively.

By proactively filling these gaps, you can significantly reduce the number of unanswered questions and improve user satisfaction.


Handling unanswered questions is a dynamic process that requires regular updates and refinements to your chatbot's content. By identifying unanswered questions, exporting and answering them, and continuously enhancing your chatbot's knowledge base—you can ensure that your AI chatbot remains an effective tool for user interaction.

At Dante AI, we are committed to helping you build and maintain a robust AI chatbot that meets the evolving needs of your users. By implementing these best practices and strategies, you can enhance your chatbot's performance and provide a seamless user experience.

Go to your dashboard now to start filling the gaps in your AI chatbots knowledge to enhance your customer

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