$0 per month

GPT-3.5 Turbo

50 Message Credits

1 Chatbots

500K Characters per Chatbot

Upload Files and/or Websites

Embed on Unlimited Websites

Voice Input

Show Sources

Save Conversation


$9 per month

GPT-3.5 Turbo / Cohere

1,000 Message Credits

5 Chatbots

15M Characters per Chatbot

2 Custom Domains

Everything in free, plus:

Discord Access (Support)

Chatbot Personality

API Access

Integrations: Zapier, Slack, MS Teams, Discord + More

Insights Dashboard


$99 per month

Multiple LLMs

10,000 Message Credits

10 Chatbots

25M Characters per Chatbot

5 Custom Domains

Everything in entry, plus:

WhatsApp Integration

Chat Records

Remove 'Powered by Dante'

Image Output


$199 per month

Multiple LLMs

20,000 Message Credits

20 Chatbots

50M Characters per Chatbot

10 Custom Domains

Everything in premium, plus:

Live Agent Takeover


Intercom Integration


$399 per month

Multiple LLMs

40,000 Message Credits

40 Chatbots

100M Characters per Chatbot

20 Custom Domains

Everything in professional, plus:

Uptime SLA guarantee (99.9%)

Recommended for Resellers

Use Your Own OpenAI API Key


Remove 'Powered by Dante'

Remove the Dante AI branding from your shared chatbots.

Extra Chatbots

$5 per 1 chatbot/month.

extra chatbots every month.

Extra Message Credits

$10 per 1000 message credits/month.

extra 1000 message credits every month.

Custom Domains

Replace the dante-ai.com URL in your Share Chatbot links. i.e. 'chat.yourcompany.com'.

extra custom domains every month.

Pricing FAQs

How do message credits work?

Message credits are a measure of the responses you receive from Dante AI. The number of credits consumed varies based on the AI model you select. For instance, each response from GPT-3.5 Turbo consumes 0.5 message credit, whereas GPT-4 Turbo uses 8 message credits per response, and GPT-4 requires 16 message credits for each response. You have the option to select the AI model for your chatbot in the chatbot settings. The variation in credit usage reflects the differing pricing structures set by OpenAI for each model.

One chatbot means a knowledge base that contains specific data and can answer any question about this data. Even if it was created using multiple documents.

No, your credits remain with you indefinitely. Any credits you purchase are permanently yours, and any additional credits received from subscription renewals will simply be added to your existing balance.

Yes, just click the 'Credits' button in the sidebar and you will be able to add more credits to your account.