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Editing your AI chatbot

Editing your AI chatbot

Updated on
July 11, 2024

The foundation of an effective  AI chatbot is keeping it up-to-date. After uploading the initial memory, it's essential to train the chatbot with new information or make adjustments as needed. This is an ongoing process where you gather data from the AI chatbot and use it to make informed decisions and continuous improvements.

Review your chat records regularly to ensure your AI chatbot is providing quality support. Chat records store all conversations initiated with the AI chatbot and can be exported for manual review or integration with other systems using Zapier. Reviewing chat records helps identify areas for improvement. Learn more about chat records.

If there are responses within your chat logs that do not align with your brand, you may edit and refine the AI chatbot’s responses. Go into the core data and add any missing information. Additionally, you can add notes on the tone of voice and specific words to use or avoid in the personality section of your AI chatbot. This process ensures that the AI chatbot continually improves and responds in the desired manner. 

To keep your chatbot's memory current, you can also use the auto-refresh function. This feature allows the chatbot to automatically update its training data at scheduled intervals, incorporating any new content and ensuring it stays up-to-date without manual retraining.

By actively managing and updating your AI chatbot, you create a hybrid system where human insights and data-driven decisions work together to enhance the AI chatbot's performance.

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