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Editing your AI chatbot

Using the auto-refresh feature

Updated on
June 13, 2024

To enable auto-refresh, follow these steps:

  • Click Auto-refresh
  • A box will pop up asking you to select your auto-refresh schedule. There are two options: Daily or Weekly.
  • If Weekly is chosen, select the days of the week that apply, then specify the time.
  • If Daily is chosen, specify the time for auto-refresh, including the hour and minute.
  • Click Set Auto-refresh.

Next steps for exporting your AI chatbot’s memory

Great job on editing your AI chatbot! To easily share a list of your AI chatbot’s memory with others, you can export it as a .csv file. The next section will guide you through this process.

If you get stuck at any point, you can click on the Learning Hub pop-up at the top right corner of the app for assistance.

For additional support and to connect with other users, join our Discord community.

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